Yacht Tourism

- It should be determined how many boats can enter each bay, and the steel anchors to which they will be fastened should be fixed so that the trees can be tied to the trees and the trees should not be ruptured by breaking the roots in time. If the trees are broken, there are iron cords in several coves, except everyone attaches the strings to the trees and the trees are seriously damaged. - Minimum service standards should be provided on all boats - it should be star standard like hotels and consumers should be informed about this - Every year, if the cars are obliged to inspect the exhaust, every year the boats will be protected from fire. all measures should be reviewed more intensively - Lloyd certification must be compulsory on boats WHAT DOES THE BOAT HAVE FROM A HOTEL?

The only difference is that one is fixed to the land and one is floating on the sea. Isn't it îholidayì in the service sector? Fire and safety standards, such as hotels in boats, should be applied more intensively. The importance of international hotel brands on fire and safety; it increases the investment costs in hotels by 25%, but every guest who chooses an international hotel brand knows that the hotel they stay in has the maximum fire and safety standards. Accidents and uncertainties should not undermine yacht tourism. For Istanbul, Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet are a wealth of tourism, the coastal tourism is equivalent to the coves in the South. This tourism area, which has been branded as) Blue Voyage Turizm, which contributed very seriously to the marketing of our country and South destinations, should be taken into consideration with the support of the whole tourism sector. Yachting tourism should be organized as a sub-tourism branch and its marketing should be given as much importance as it is given to hotels. The most beautiful bays in the world, the most crystal clear sea in the world, the most hospitable people in the world, the most natural greens of the world, our, Tourism halk as the market falls on us to market them, to be able to market with peace of mind; I hope that our ministry will give importance to this work and to implement new standards in order to protect our boats, our environment and boat guests with the support of the Ministry of Environment!