Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Following the approval of the law in 2012, MUGLA became a metropolitan municipality on the provincial basis, and the municipality of Dalyan was closed to the municipality of ORTACA. As a result, all the rights on the Iztuzu beach were transferred to Ortaca municipality, and unfortunately a number of unlawful tenders were brought to the court as a result of the appetite of rent circles. As a result of these developments, all these unsuitable tenders were canceled by the civil society organizations and the environmentalist local people. Just as the beach business will be given back to the local municipality, the decision of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the enterprises of the Dalyan Iztuzu and Boazaz˝ beaches were left to MU–LA SITKI KO«MAN UNIVERSITY in 2015 with a protocol.

ANCIENT TUZLA Heredot, the historian, in 12-volume history book, said that the Kaunoslular salt and salt fish trade. Historian Plinius said that the Kaunos salt was used in eye ointment in ancient times. The historian Plinius described the salt production in Caunos as follows: "Sea salt is obtained from seawater evacuated either by the seawater on the beach or by the pans placed along the coastline." It was written in Kaunos Customs Regulation, which was written on the outer side of the west wall of the fountain building, which was made to stand up in Kaunos. There was an ancient salt around Caunos, but where was it? Archaeologists have been looking for this salt since 1969. These salts if found, would be the first uncovered the ancient salt Turkey.