Tourism İn İstanbul

Sultan Selim Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1522 on a hill overlooking the Golden Horn. Sultan Selim Han started the construction of the mosque, his son Sultan Suleyman completed. The complex; mosque, tabh‚ne, im‚ret, primary school, bath, tomb and madrasah. The tomb of madrasah, im‚ret and Ay˛e H‚tun was destroyed. The other parts have survived to the present day. In the Qibla direction of the mosque, there is the tomb of Yavuz Sultan Selim Han. Haseki Mosque and Complex: Aksaray from Silivrikap˝ on the street. In 1551, Haseki Hurrem was built by Sultan Sultan Sinan. The complex; It consists of mosque, madrasah, primary school, im‚ret, d‚r¸˛˛if‚ and fountain. D‚r¸˛˛if‚ is used as dispensary. Sultan Ahmed I expanded the mosque in 1612. D‚v˚tpa˛a Mosque and Complex: It is located in Davutpa˛a district. In 1485, the Sultan Mehmed Khan and Sultan V‚yezid II had one of the viziers, D‚vud Pa˛a. The complex consists of a mosque, a mosque, a madrasah, a tomb, a memorial, a nursery school, a court, a fountain and a hammam. The madrasa is ruined. It is in the plans of the lodges. In 1984, the phrase, the court and the school section were destroyed.

Kara Ahmed Pasha Mosque and Complex: In Topkap˝, Kara Ahmed Pasha, one of the Sadras of K‚n˚nÓ Sultan Sulaiman, was built by Mim Sinan. The complex consists of a mosque, a medrese and a primary school. Medrese rooms are arranged in the courtyard of the U-shaped mosque. The primary school is a bit far from the mosque. ıbr‚him Pasha Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1551 by Sultan Ibrahim Pasha in Silivrikap˝. It consists of a mosque, mausoleum, bathhouse, fountain and fountain in a large courtyard. Wooden geometric crossing and ivory inlay work on the doors are very beautiful. The fountain, the mosque, the tomb, the fountain outside the section was destroyed.