Tourism in Fethiye

Known for its paragliding activities, the district is also very active in water sports such as diving, hiking and surfing. Especially, there is no knowledge of paragliding in Babada and ÷l¸deniz. The natural beauties and the relevance of the archaeological sites are suitable for jeep safari. Those who enjoy their beach can take part in activities such as windsurfing, banana, flyboard and ringo. There are suitable conditions for those who want to ride at Kayakoy and Calis. Due to the high historical values, you can also participate in the organized cultural tours and explore the district. For the first time in the past, the truck safari started here, the adventure lovers are very popular tours.

Those who want to shop in the district should visit Paspatur Bazaar. Souvenir shops, jewelers, carpet shops located within you will answer your passion for shopping. Apart from this, Hisarˆn¸ and G¸nl¸kba˛˝ hers neighborhood markets meet the needs of the visitors. Markets attracting both the public and tourists are open throughout the year. Dastar, which is hand-woven of İz¸ml¸ region, is a kind of KaraÁulhailers, Dont village jugs. In addition, the pine and flower honey, peanut sugar candy, Turkish delight, the boutique wine of Demirler Village, Clos P˝nara are very popular in the region.