Turkey and most visited museums in Istanbul Ranked # 1 that defies the Hagia Sophia museum and the year, let us brief information about Sophia, an important structure for the two great religions of the world. The most important monument of Istanbul, which survived to the present day, is undoubtedly the eighth wonder of the world. remained the most monumental structure. Istanbul's fire, earthquake, earthquakes have survived to the present day by facing many catastrophes.

Hagia Sophia, not only with splendor architecture, but also with the best examples of Byzantine mosaic art is a work to be seen. Justinian, who reigned in one of the most brilliant periods of the Byzantine Empire, wanted to build a structure that would pass the legendary Temple of Solomon, famous for its gigantic dimension. The Hagia Sophia, which was built during the period when Byzantine religious architecture was in search of a plan, reveals an example that has not a splendor in Byzantine architecture.