Turkey's Top Tourist Attractions

FEEL FOOD IN HOLY FISH Bal˝kl˝gˆl, (Aynzeliha and Halil-ur Rahman Lakes) is known as the place where the Prophet Abraham fell when he was thrown into the fire. These two lakes are the places that attract most visitors to Urfa. 10 Reasons to Visit ŞANLIURFA MARDIN, THE PEARL OF MYOPODAMIA Lower your way to Mardin, where religions and sects blend together to see how the stone is shaped by human life in human life. NIGHT DAY OF NIGHT DAY: MARDIN THE DAY BATTERY IN THE LAKE OF VAN Van is a city that can live the motifs of Anatolia with its cultural background and natural beauties. Turkey's biggest lakes in this province. Van Lake hosts three islands: Akdamar, the most famous of these islands.

UNFORTABLE SPRING VIEW IN AKDAMAR ISLAND NATURAL SERIES: AYDER SPRING It is 16 km. distance. With its rich flora, Ayder is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in the region. ASHAB-I KEHF VISIT The "Seven sleepers cave" in the Qur'anic Koran is flocked with visitors every year. In the Quranic words and tafsirs, the cave of Ashab-i Kehf is stated to be in Tarsus. DAMLATAŞ ASTIMA GOOD INCOME For Alanya, we can easily call a city of caves. The world famous cave is Damlata˛. The cave is known for its enchanting beauty as well as its air that is good for asthma patients. OPEN AIR MUSEUM: HARPUT 5 km from Elazig. View of an open-air museum in the district of Harput. The museum, the castle, the Grand Mosque, the Church of the Virgin Mary and the Ice Cube is worth seeing a tourism center. SEVEN LAKES In the valleys between the mountains, the lakes that form in time and are arranged side by side are called Yedigˆller. Ideal place for nature enthusiasts. HISTORY IN GELıBOLU PENINSULA The Gallipoli Peninsula, where the most bloody clashes of the First World War took place, was almost like a war museum. The martyrdom in «anakkale attracts both domestic and foreign tourists with its many visiting places.