Tourism in Antalya

When it comes to tourism in Turkey by first from the cities that we have in antalya'd˝r.b cases of natural and human charm resources, hosting accommodations in cha-SITL types, the good transport enteg-rations and effective to be more in demand. 2017y˝l to 10,486,191 of the 32,412,213 tourists coming to Turkey (32%), the Ministry of Tourism Operations Certificate Tesisler'dekiyatak capacity of 53% (11% in the central district of Antalya), tourism investment in transport Having 31% is just some of the important indicators proving that the tourism capital of our country is Antalya. More than half a century has passed since the start of tourism activities in Antalya. Nowadays, it has a national and international importance as a tourism settlement. With the development of tourism activities, the city has witnessed significant changes in the social structure and environment (including the economic structure of the supersoul). These changes (history, archeology, architecture, city region planning, etc.) attracted the attention of many members of science and various studies were carried out. However, there is no study on the effects of tourism activities on urban development through tourism development models. This work was done to fill the deficiency.

Turkey's most important tourism center to know the effects turizmfaaliyet of the Antalya, the right to identify known misapplication-s previously have done this wrong cities ˆrnekalarak management modeling without falling into the same error yapmakart˝k has become a necessity. Thus, depending on the results obtained, it will be possible to present ideas and suggestions to the public, private enterprises and related parties, especially in the academic community.